diet vs. exerciseHave you ever wondered what is more important for your health, the diet end or the exercise end? Well, I have too, so I decided to do some research about it and what I found is very interesting! I was pretty much expecting the results to show exercise, mostly because that is what our society is more geared to seeing and hearing. We have seen for years this wave of technology inspired fitness in products and services. Things from gym memberships and weight loss contests, to personal iPods we take on a run, to Wii fit games on the TV, to personal tracking devices that count calories, body mass indexes and so on. We love our technology when it comes to exercise! What I found though was research that was conducted amongst two different groups of people and the results surprised me. In a good way I guess! In six different studies conducted by the Journal of Psychological Science, the two groups of people totalling 1,200 throughout the US, Canada, France and China believed either diet was more important in overall health or it was exercise. In these two different groups there was a difference in overall health too! The difference was the people who believed that diet was more important had a lower body mass index. The people who thought exercise was more important showed a higher BMI. As you might guess people’s weight control theories impacted their food choices and when the two different groups were given the choice to eat unlimited amounts of chocolate, the group that consumed more was those that believed exercise was most important. Brent McFerran, PHD and co-author of the study stated that “The problem is that many people think that they can work off the extra pounds and if they eat a 3,000 calorie lunch, nearly no one has enough free time in the rest of the day to exercise it off.” He goes on to say that there’s a ton of scientific evidence to support the fact that changing your diet is a more effective way to drop weight. What I liked even better in this article was that Keri Glassman, RD (a registered dietitian) and Women’s Health weight loss expert said “Not only does exercise produce endorphins that increase your metabolic rate and motivate you to eat better—it also supports heart health, strengthens your bones, helps you sleep, decreases stress, and boosts mental health and they are all awesome reasons to hit the gym when you can!”  So the two together are very important for overall health but it starts with eating well not going to the gym 5 days a week. If you are busy like me, you may be lucky to get to a gym, so I looked up articles that had great work outs for moms to do throughout their regular busy day. The links below contain pictures too so be sure you do them properly for maximum benefit! I hope you enjoy your week and find time to take care of YOU! Come join me on my Coach Paula Facebook page and tell me what you do to stay fit.