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Did you know that when God created man His intention was for them to live forever in perfect harmony with Mother Nature and live completely healthy lives? Well then ‘The Fall’ happened to change that when Eve was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit. But did you know that God’s plan to fix the problem of free will- (poor decision making) was to provide everyone– all people, a chance at complete health? His plan was to send a savior who would be able to take away all of our sins, cure all of our illnesses and heal us inside and out? Well he did just that! He sent Jesus to us as a free gift- the gift of a life FULL of abundance! True abundance includes a life that is healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to The Abundant Kitchen, home of Coach Paula Tobey. I have been sharing that I was being urged to move in a more appropriate direction for what I do as a coach, and with that came a blending of PheMOMenal Life and The Mom Transformation. And although the two worked together well, the site did not give the warm and fuzzy feeling I wanted it to have. I then went another direction focusing on true health- an area of our lives that we really need, in order to even continue living (quite literally). So, in order to provide a clear picture of what is offered for families, I will share below what that is.

At The Abundant Kitchen;

We provide tips and tools for families so they can improve their health, find hope, and live the happy lives they were created to live. J We help families who want to get healthier but don’t really know how. We offer information, support and encouragement in addition to other resources so families feel more successful along their journey to a healthier life.

It’s all about taking baby steps. We know that babies need to learn to crawl, and then take small steps when leaning to walk, well we start from the beginning teaching you how to think healthier thoughts, having you try one new healthy food at a time. We encourage you to take small slow steps that build momentum and get you on your way. Then we offer recipe ideas and other tools to help promote a healthier lifestyle. We offer kitchen organization ideas that make your life easier! We bring families back to the table fostering connectedness. We also recognize that the heart of the home is in the kitchen- that’s where memories are made and stories are told. We provide community to help do just that!

If you are ready for more, you join the club- and get to hear about products and services that make getting healthier easier. One of those may be a group of ladies who want to get their kids off of processed food. Another might be a group that wants to learn about using essential oils to promote a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason, you may feel more successful in a group and so that’s what we provide! Community support!

If you happen to have a child with food allergies, then you may need a little more personalized help and so The Abundant Kitchen offers one on one coaching to those who need it!

Our goal is to help your family to get healthy, provide hope for making it stay that way, and heal the problems that made it out of balance in the first place. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for here, and you can’t wait to share it with others!

May God bless you abundantly!

Love, Coach Paula