mom and kid exercising I don’t know about your house, but here at mine, we are real busy- always! I like being busy, don’t get me wrong but often when I am too busy I start to feel stuck and almost trapped.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a rut? A big fat, mile wide rut that you just cannot see your way out of? The same rut that I am speaking of is the rut we mom’s tend to get stuck in- where we either are screaming at the kids for some peace and quiet, or we slip into our pj’s at 5 and serve cereal for dinner because we don’t have the energy to cook a meal that the kids are only going to complain about anyway. (You laugh because this has happened to you!) Well my friend, this has happened to me too, and that’s why we are going to talk about recognizing this rut and navigating through it!

The one thing that I often remind myself of when I feel like I might be heading toward that rut is that I can choose to get in it or not. If you are feeling a little too stressed, then that is a warning sign that you may be heading toward a rut. Here are some things that you can do to steer clear;

Concentrate on your Health– When you are more intentional about your habits (what you eat and whether you are getting enough exercise) you will find yourself less likely to get stuck. Eating poorly is a surefire way to bring us down. It affects our digestion and gut health and literally messes with our brains! You tend to chemically crave the foods that you should not be eating under stress. If you recognize this as a normal pattern, you will be in a better position to change it! Grab that bag of carrots and hummus rather than the chocolate covered pretzels when you feel under fire!

Give Someone Hope- Hope is pretty much the number one reason that chronically sick people keep moving on. Somewhere along their journey they found hope. Hope is a natural anti-depressant! Hope can be a complete life saver, and for some without it, they would not keep on living. There are many ways to find hope for yourself, but research shows that if we give hope to someone else, we are in turn helping ourselves! Hope is a very powerful tool and helps so many people at the same time! Bring someone hope during this busy season and you just might find your spirit is lifted even more!

Find All Natural Healing– There are many ways to find healing for someone who is hurting. Whether it is a physical hurt or an emotional one, healing is the only way to make the problem go away. What I have come to learn however is that the most effective healing comes in natural forms not in band aid solutions. True healing is an all-natural (from the inside out) kind of healing and can be administered at any time. The key is whether the person needing the healing is ready to receive it. I completely believe that our mind is an amazing machine and when it is operating at its optimum performance, nothing can stop us! When it isn’t however, it can be our biggest problem!

If you are wondering how you can get more specific information about health, hope and healing to really make your life less stressful, contact me today because the one thing I can  tell you from personal experience, when you use these three methods to destress your life, it absolutely will work. The question is, are you ready to make it happen!?


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