Wish vs. Goal

Every New Year I set lots of goals and then try to accomplish them all.  I achieve many of them, but each year some of them just don’t hit the mark.  This past year I had 8 specific goals for the different areas of my life and the two that stand out to me are where I fell short.  By sharing my struggles with all of you, I hope to motivate myself to maintain my resolve this New Year. My plan is to not just wish it, but make it happen, and by goal setting I PLAN to get there! 🙂

My home runs more smoothly when I am well organized and my menus are a focus. I do not always do a great job keeping up with my meal planning all year long. I kind of start out fresh, and then get lax and kind of fall behind, when I get sick of the same ‘ol same ‘ol of not planning, I pick it up again. It is my family however who ends up suffering when I don’t plan. They seem to complain more and or if I have no idea what’s for dinner, I’m more rushed, so I snap, I am not as patient when the plan is not there. It is one thing that I know I need to work on when this starts happening so last year I made it a bigger priority.

Another area where I fell short was my personal relationship with my husband. I did not make the intentional time just for him I meant to, and because of this (and to improve in my other areas, my word of the year is to be more intimate in my relationships- more intentional with one on one time).  Too many times I let my “mood” determine how much I ‘give’ or not. That is not what I really want, it sometimes just happens, but if I focus on intimacy, everyone wins! My family needs me, and I want to be intimate with them, so now it’s my goal!

For me, this year I plan to improve more in my business by having intentional relationships where I teach and lead others to be healthier. I will plan more one on one time with family and friends and I will continue to go to the gym and work out more regularly. I will scale myself from 1-10 every month or so to see how I am doing because after all, if you can’t measure it, it is not a SMART Goal. (Next week I will talk more about SMART goals). For now, I’m going to keep on, keeping on!

What are your goals? Do you have different areas of your life that you focus on? I make a point to remind parents (through my own personal struggles, of course) the 5 areas of your life to focus on as a parent. For me, these areas are my lifelines- without them, I’m just not “here” or healthy! They are my physical, emotional, educational/personal, financial and spiritual health. These areas are essential for me to be intentional with when I plan my year so I rank them every year. Did I give it a 1 for intentional focus or a 10? Did I fall short in one or more areas? Did I improve slightly from last year or not much at all?

What areas do you need help with?? Did you know that I am going to be offering a special program for those parents needing help with their physical, emotional and spiritual health this year? That’s right! And this amazing program will be starting in one month! Go see more details on my Coach Paula page for more information. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more with all the juicy details soon!

Join me, in 2016 for a new year, and a new YOU!