AK Meal Plan Monday

Before I had my coaching business I did not do any ‘formal’ planning. I was a goal setter for sure and accomplished many goals but as a ‘stay at home mom’ I did not feel the need to be so specific as to write them down. Did you know however that people who set goals are way more likely to reach them when they have them written down? Have you ever wondered what your life might be like for your family- if you wrote down some of these goals and worked toward them?

The best way to set these goals yearly is to be smart. SMART goals as they are called teach you how to be specific to measure progress and get results.You may be wondering why you need to make smart goals if you stay at home with your family and do not even work outside of the home. Well I can tell you, that I believe you and your family deserve it! I believe that your children deserve to have parents who want to be better- and make plans that are intentional for the whole family unit to be as successful as possible. If you have been hoping for a household that is more smooth-running and peaceful, then you can get it by putting in just a little work and thinking smart.

As the CEO of your home, I want to encourage you to think about setting some SMART goals for your family. The way to get started to changing your family’s outcome is to be intentional with what you want for yourself and them.  Here are five ideas to get you going;

S- Specific. Set goals for yourself and your family that are specific. They are easy to understand and are clear cut.   An example of a goal for the family might look like this- By January 31st the home and all members in it will have established routines that get us ready in the morning. We will be ready to leave the home on time and without yelling at least 5 times out of the seven that week.

M- Measurable. Goals need to be tangible- you have evidence that they have been done. There can be several shorter goals that show the overall goal has been accomplished. A chore chart with jobs listed on them can be checked off when the chore is completed is a good way to start. The routines can be built around the chores and your child can be rewarded for doing a good job completing the chores that morning.

A- Achievable. Goals need to be easy enough to attain yet challenging enough to keep the person trying to accomplish them. Most goals can be met when they are planned in an appropriate timeframe. Take Grocery shopping for example, you can spend time on a Sunday planning your meals for the following week by writing down what meal you will serve on what day. When you did that meal for that day, check it off and celebrate! That alone could be a win!

R-  Results focused. Goals for the family need to reflect the overall outcome not the actual results. If the overall goal is family happiness, unity and less stress then the results mean more than just seeing check marks that stuff is done. You FEEL results, results are more of a process not a destination. A result of meal planning is less stress and healthier family members. The results show the family coming together over a home cooked meal to talk, share and enjoy each other. It also will save your grocery budget by not eating out as much and another added benefit may be your waste-line shrinks! J

T- Time bound. Goals should be linked to a time frame that is practical and denotes a sense of urgency. Getting out of the house with grocery list filled out, and in hand is a  good sense of urgency and if you are sick of not making that happen, you need to set some goals so you will! Planning ahead is the only way to make it happen regularly and with success. An example would be; by March 31st all meals- morning, afternoon and evening will be planned and implemented.  One way to make sure this happens, is to get the whole family involved by helping plan and prepare the recipes! Then after a few weeks of success take a day off to celebrate by finding a healthy restaurant your whole family enjoys and eat well!

If you are ready to start over with a SMART plan, contact me about how I can help you as a Healthy Living Coach, I can help you step by step to get you and your family on a healthier path and actually REACH those goals for meal planning, diet or exercise you have been working on. Taking part in one of my programs could be the SMARTest thing you could do for your family in 2016!!  Check out all the info of my newest program a Meal Plan Bootcamp here .