Angry ladyHave you heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” Scientific research shows that eating healthy can drastically change your mood and improve your way of life.

Food allergies or intolerance’s can also have a great effect on your mood. For example, if you have gluten allergy or intolerance, consumption of gluten (found largely in wheat products) can leave you feeling sluggish or even depressed. I learned about this first hand for myself after battling years of migraines, joint pain, IBS and irritability. I went to see a counselor to ‘rule out depression’ and what I found was that I was “mildly” depressed because of my extreme irritability, but because of what I was eating.

These dietary changes have been suggested for children with ADHD or autism, as well as adults with ADD, mood problems or other physical issues. This suggests there is in fact a strong link between food, mood and behaviors.

Fluctuations in blood sugar also can change your mood. High blood sugar often can lead to irritability, such as the lady here, ready to “kill her some kids” 🙂 while low blood sugar can bring about feelings of anxiety, depression and lethargy.

Research also suggests that low levels of vitamins, mineral deficiencies, and low intake of fatty acids and omega-3s can contribute to altered moods and mimic various mental health issues. Some believe that these deficiencies actually cause mental health issues. Insufficient levels of vitamin D, in particular, can lead to mood swings, depression and fatigue. If you have any deficiencies, your mood may be improved simply by adding supplements. The supplements that I have found that work absolute wonders for me are here (best of all they are completely natural and don’t upset your stomach!)


Here are some other ideas of things you can do to make your mood better;

*Diet Modifications- Many people feel that it is difficult to eat healthy or to change their eating habits. It’s really simple if you keep it simple. Start slow and make changes over time. Using the all-or-nothing approach to cutting out certain foods typically leads to failure. Take one item like bread, simply look for another brand that is healthier and start with it!

*Aromatic Scents-  Look for changing a room’s mood and ‘temperature’ from cold to warm, say- with the awesome scent of peppermint. Did you know that peppermint is a wonderful mood enhancer? It keeps people alert and happy!

*Track Your Success- If you like to feel good, (and let’s face it we all do), then jot down in the notes section of your phone what it is that you ate that made you feel so good, Likewise, if you start feeling badly, make note of it!

*Experiment- You can also make changes by slowly substituting bad foods with good ones. Experiment with different grains, fruits, and vegetables. Get online and find exciting new recipes, and you just may fall in love with a good food you never imagined you would eat.

Remember every change you make matters. If you fall off the wagon, just get back up. It’s about making changes to improve your emotional health. Don’t get discouraged or depressed if you slip up. Consider that day as a misstep and make healthier choices in the future.

Did you know that part of what I do as a Healthy Living Coach is to help families solve these very issues? I help them to make these small changes over time and help guide them to where they want to be. Maybe it is helping with kids and behavior, or maybe it is helping mom to clean out her pantry and stop the picky eating battles once and for all. If you or someone you know could use a little extra help with this, check out my boot camp starting February 1st! Here


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