Coach Paula’s Five Fantastic Kitchen Favorites- Part One

Kitchen utensilsWhen was the last time you had someone helping you in the kitchen and they pointed out to you an idea that would be a time saver, or at the very least a good idea that you can’t wait to try? Well for the next few weeks, I will be sharing some very helpful kitchen hacks that save you time or money or both! And the next step of course is to share these with family and friends!


  1. ‘Like’ your Utensils. Put like utensils in the same section of the silverware tray in the dishwasher (knives with knives face down, small forks with small forks, etc.) so that you can pull them out by group and put them away fast. Just be sure your spoons aren’t stacked together or they won’t get as clean!
  2. Keep sponges fresh. Every time you run your dishwasher, throw your kitchen sponges in the silverware tray or top rack. The heat of the washer sanitizes your sponges, making them smell fresher and last longer. This one is an absolute must in my kitchen because I have ‘helpers’ that also clean up spills on the floor with this same sponge!
  3. Sanitize cutting surfaces. Wondering how best to clean your butcher block and cutting boards? Next time you boil water, save a cup and pour it over your board. Then take a handful of kosher salt and a kitchen towel and rub down the wood. The salt sanitizes the cutting surface and doubles as a mild abrasive to really get things clean. Another idea for a wood cutting board is to use half of a citrus fruit like orange or lemon rubbing the same way.
  4. Keep garbage bags handy. Every other time you empty the kitchen trash, drape an empty bag across the side of the bin, then put on the new bag. This way, when you take out the garbage, you’ll have a fresh bag ready to take the old bag’s place and will only need to grab a new bag half as often. Have you ever seen dining areas or restaurants doing this? It makes sense right?!?!
  5. Get food unstuck. Get a jump on dirty pots and pans before tossing them into the sink. Before sitting down to dinner, set your dirty pots on the stove with some vinegar and water or dish soap and water. Let them boil while you eat. By the time you finish dinner all you do is wipe down the pots, the hot water solution will have dislodged the stuck-on messes, Yeah!!

Share with me some of your favorite kitchen time saving tips or tricks, I LOVE sharing ideas and getting new ones, don’t you?

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