I love saving money don’t you?? But do you know what really is even more precious in the long term, and we should covet to save more of, is TIME. We never get time back… once it’s gone, it’s gone! So from the way I look at things I really try to above all, save time. This week I am sharing more of my favorite time saving hacks in the kitchen. Again, these are focused more on saving time than money, but of course I bet you could take it a step further to do them as well.   boil smells away with oils

  1. Got an oil slick- Spill cooking oil on the counter or floor? For a speedy clean up, sprinkle some flour over the mess and let it set for a few minutes. The oil will absorb and it’s super easy to wipe up with a paper towel leaving way less of a mess!
  2. Muffin tin time- Save lots of time with using muffin tins for great morning egg breakfasts for a whole week, spoon cooked spaghetti and chicken and sauce for easy lunches or even desserts with paper liners, frozen yogurt and berries on top. Muffin tins and paper liners are the next best thing to sliced bread!
  3. Get the oil out- Essential oils are not only great for health benefits, certified therapeutic grade oils can be used in cooking but even better, you can drop any citrus oil down your garbage disposal and run with hot water for one minute and the potent cooking smell goes completely away! You can also do a few drops in a garbage bag liner, or a drop on the inside of a paper towel roll! Want to get the fish smell from the stove? Boil water and a few drops in the pan!
  4. Stock and Broth tips- Add flavor to rice, veggies and other foods by adding vegetable, beef or your favorite stock to the recipe, but to save time, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. When needed, pull out of the freezer and add a few cubes to the stir fry to whip up a tasty sauce.
  5. Cook once, Eat twice. This is the best tip! Batch cook your rice, chicken and beef for the week. Use it in recipes throughout the week. Use Sundays to prepare the items, and then separate into separate storage containers for the week. You can also cut up produce needed for recipes and snacks and store them in plastic baggies!


I hope you make the time once a week to plan and prep because for me, this is the biggest time saving tip. I enjoy doing it, and I get my kids involved to help make it go faster. Remember, when they help prepare the food they are way more likely to eat it!

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