Lunch box 2It’s Back to School time!! Can you believe it!?! The school years just keep going by faster, summer breaks are shorter and before you know it you are enrolling your 7th grader for school! Wait, no… not 7th grade!? It seems like she just started fourth grade last year! How can this be? She’s not ready, I’m not ready! How can my little girl be ready if I’m not?!

But when was the last time you gave much thought to what will really prep your student for success? Will it be the shiny new notebooks? Will it be sharpened pencils? Or for sure, she will be successful this year when she has her planner to write assignments in, right!? Well, the truth is… she may not.

Research tells us that what makes children the most successful is actually what happens in the kitchen. That’s right, it’s what they eat. We all know that a healthy balanced diet is essential for student success and especially before a big test-but what we don’t give much thought to is the everyday successes. They are just as important! It’s time that we do a lunch box makeover to ensure our students are successful every single day!

So what does that look like?? Do I need to throw away the new sandwich container and lunch box we got at Target? No. What I am asking you to consider doing is ONE thing… and it’s a TRADE of sorts. You don’t need to throw anything out (for real- you could consider donating the item) but that’s it…

I would like to Challenge you to make over your child’s lunch box this school year by switching out one simple ingredient- just one thing, the BREAD.

Rather than purchasing the bread that has (count them) 23 ingredients listed on it (most of which are not easy to pronounce) try buying a brand that has 12. When you go to read the ingredient list you can say every single item there. I’d like to challenge you to but that bread from now on. And the bread that you just bought- feed it to the birds! bread label nutrition facts

The tiny act of switching out something as simple as bread could potentially CHANGE your child’s year!! Why?

Added sugar- Most breads add sugar and some breads add high fructose sugar to their bread which if you did not already know, breaks down in the body into sugar! All carbs break down into sugars. Why do we need to add more?

Non-Organic- Most breads are not made from organic ingredients or use organic flour. You may have read the benefits to eating organically grown foods, so if the bread that you are consuming every day, possibly a few times during the day, is not made from original ingredients, it could be causing harm to your body. Why then would you not want to buy bread that has better ingredients?

Sensitivity- It’s estimated that 18 Million American’s live with gluten (meaning wheat, barley, rye) sensitivity caused the symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhea, IBS, irritability, mood swings, learning difficulties and more. These individuals with sensitivities are not included in the group of people with Celiac disease (which is also the inability to process and digest wheat and other products). That is a whole bunch of people having trouble digesting wheat, so could the problem be in the wheat itself?


If you already purchase bread that is organic, or free of wheat, and you can pronounce all of the ingredients listed on the package, Congratulations. If not, the time is now. It’s time to claim your child’s health by making one intentional change- changing to a better bread. This will be one of the very best back to school investments you will ever make in your child’s success. I know, I’ve been there and done that and seen a big difference!!


So share with me, what is on your bread’s package?? Are you able to pronounce all of that STUFF in it? What kind of bread could you get in it’s place that has fewer ingredients?