Meet Coach Paula

Paula Tobey is a former teacher, mother, wife and friend. Paula loved working in the schools as a teacher both in regular education and special education.

She later decided to teach outside the traditional class when she had her own children and she taught swim lessons and water aerobics to children and adults.

She also volunteered for local moms groups leading and speaking on the topics of Parenting and Wellness.

Later, she began her journey to complete wellness after a lifelong struggle with debilitating migraine headaches, joint pain that kept her up at night, and IBS. Paula like many other people has food allergies and sensitivities. When she discovered these issues her world changed forever. Her doctors and specialists were not really helping her escape the constant pain she was suffering, so she turned to the All Mighty Healer. He showed her a way to natural health. And she learned how much nutrition plays a vital role in one’s overall health.

She is currently coaching and speaking to families about nutrition and parenting, and how the two work together for overall wellness.

Whether it is getting kids off of processed junk foods, helping moms shed a few pounds or using essential oils to help control mood, behavior or other issues, Paula can help your family be the very best it can be- which makes everyone happier, especially mama!

Coach Paula

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